Cycling --  NORTH SHORE
Peabody Cancelled due to heat

Experience cycling on this 3-mile (mostly) flat bike path of the Independence Greenway of Peabody. Each session helps you reach your personal sport and recreation goals while working directly with a staff member.

We bring a fleet of 3-wheeled adaptive cycles including hand cycles, recumbent leg-cycles, tandem cycles and youth leg or hand powered cycles. There is an array of adaptations to fit your abilities. All abilities welcome.

Please note - due to Covid-19 and changes at the facilities we use, there will be no bathroom access. Please, plan accordingly.

$20.00  Per session

Peabody Bike Path
36 Johnson Street, Lt. Ross Park
Peabody Cancelled due to heat, MA

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Available Times

Due to Covid-19 we would like to encourage as much use of personal equipment as possible. For this reason, SASC is offering the option of purchasing a helmet. Please choose one of three helmet options so we can be prepared for your arrival.

    --Please, due to limited supply only purchase once and use this helmet for the rest of the season. You will be billed on your next invoice.

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