Outdoor Spin --  NORTH SHORE

To provide an extra level of participant and staff safety, we are offering an outdoor stationary spin class in our North Shore location in a space dedicated to SASC staff and participants only.

Stationary cycling is an excellent way to maintain cardiovascular fitness while practicing physical distancing. Join other cyclists and Spaulding clinicians for a class environment workout that can be easily individualized to each person's fitness level and goals. Recumbent leg cycles, handcycles, and stationary trainers provided. Clinicians at each session to assist with set up, transfers, and fitting. First 15 minutes of class is designated for set up and warm up.

Please note - due to Covid-19 and changes at the facilities we use, there will be no bathroom access. Please, plan accordingly.

$10.00  Per session

Peabody Bike Path
32 Johnson St., Lt. Ross Park
Peabody, MA

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Available Times

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