Weingarten --  BOSTON

The Dr. Charles H Weingarten program offers a variety of land and water sports for participants to choose from. Each session is designed to help you reach your personal sport and recreation goals. Participants work with staff members and volunteers for a 90-minute session. Activities include: Cycling (handcycles, recumbent tricycles, tandem recumbent, and upright bicycles), kayaking, outrigger canoeing, tennis, pickleball and basketball - court sport wheelchairs are available. (please note: outrigger canoeing available starting in July).

Location: 113 16th street (located behind the brick building at this address)

Drop off/pick up only at this address - Parking available at Spaulding Rehab Hospital for $7, or metered parking in the Charlestown Navy Yard

Weingarten Closed on 9/23/19


Spaulding Rehab
300 1st Ave.
Charlestown, MA

Monday, September 23, 2019

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