Kayaking --  CAPE COD

Kayak on Cliff Pond within Nickerson State Park for adaptive kayaking while enjoying the serenity of one of Nickerson's 8 kettle ponds. Whether paddling solo or in tandem, we have a fleet of kayaks that can accommodate your needs, including extra seating support, one-handed paddling or the use of foot-pedals. Because safety is our priority, we will provide you with guidance and a personal flotation device when you arrive. Our staff will help advance your paddling skills or help you get back to enjoying sunny days with your family and friends.

Essential Eligibility Criteria for Water Sports

  • Able to breathe independently, does not require medical devices to sustain breathing *Able to create and maintain a sealed airway underwater by closing mouth/lips
  • Able to independently turn from face down to face up in water while wearing a personal floatation device ("life jacket")
  • Do not have a tracheostomy tube

$25.00  Per session

Nickerson State Park, Cliff Pond, Fisherman's Landing
Rte. 6A

Thursday, August 1, 2024

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