Kayaking --  BOSTON

Kayak the Charlestown Harbor area, explore marinas and experience views of the USS Constitution and Navy Yard. An experienced staff member will work with you to help you reach your personal goals.

Also available are our 4-seat Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes for those who are able to sit unsupported and would like to try some group comradery and single-oar paddling.

Your first session may involve a lengthy fitting process to ensure successful and safe use of the kayak. Subsequent sessions will require less set-up time.

All equipment is provided including a single or tandem kayak, various seating and paddle adaptations to accommodate all abilities, PFDs and transfer assistance in/out of watercraft.

Please note, while we welcome people of all ability levels, to participate in water programming you must meet minimum eligibility criteria to ensure safety.

These criteria include:

·         Able to breathe independently, does not require medical devices to sustain breathing 
·         Able to create and maintain a sealed airway underwater by closing mouth/lips
·         Able to independently turn from face down to face up in water while wearing a personal floatation device ("life jacket")
·         Do not have a tracheostomy tube

Adaptive swim lessons are available for anyone that may need to test ability to independently turn from face down to face up in the water.

$25.00  Per session

Behind the MGH building
114 16th Street

Monday, August 5, 2024

Available Times

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