Dance With Parkinson's+ At Home --  VIRTUAL

Dance is for everyone! Let's dance, at Home!! No prior dance experience is required.

We love to join you in your home to experience the joy of movement in many dance styles including Tango, Waltz, Ballet and even Show Tunes and free style team dances! Our dance experience is designed to enhance coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. In this virtual setting, we will train our bodies and minds with techniques used by dancers. This program is modified to accommodate all levels, both standing and seated. The instructor, Roseann Eliseo, is a certified Dance Instructor with the National Dance Teachers Association and has trained with the original Dance for PD curriculum in New York City.  An adaptive sports staff will assist in the class.

Please have a chair ready that you may use for our standing exercises and be sure to clear a floor space by removing throw rugs and any objects that could be in your way. A family member or caregiver may join you, if you like but partner is not necessary.

A link to the Zoom session and directions for using it will be provided prior to the start of class.


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Thursday, June 15, 2023

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