Riders Club --  BOSTON

Experience cycling along the Charlestown area Harborwalk. An experienced clinician, staff, or volunteer will work with you during each session to help you reach your personal goals.

Cycle options include adult and child size 3-wheeled recumbent hand cycles and leg-cycles, as well as a variety of tandem cycle options. Instruction in upright 2-wheel bicycling can be provided when appropriate, please contact us to discuss this option. For all cycles we can provide an array of adaptative equipment, transfer assist, and instruction to promote a successful and fun experience. All abilities welcome.

**Your first session may involve a lengthy fitting process, this is normal and is done to ensure successful and safe use of the cycle. Measurement and equipment use is documented so that subsequent sessions require less fitting time. Because of this, we ask that all new riders (someone who has never cycled with Spaulding Adaptive Sports Centers before) to arrive at 4:30PM to provide for a cycle fitting. Returning cyclists are asked to arrive at 5:00PM**

Location Details: Riders Club is located at Spaulding Rehab Hospital in the large open outdoor space directly next to Thomas M. Menino Park. Restrooms are available at the hospital. Parking is available at the hospital for a fee, or street parking is available throughout the Charlestown Navy Yard.


Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
300 First Ave. Next to playground in front of hospital

Thursday, June 29, 2023

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