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It's International Ice Hockey Federation's World Girls' Ice (Sled) Hockey Week!

Join us as as we host a sled hockey event for girls and women.  Top players from the US Women's Sled Hockey Team and World Team will be on the ice to introduce or share the sport to players of all levels and abilities.  

The sport of Sled Hockey enables youth and adults to play hockey in a seated position wiht blades beneath them.  Players propel themselves by using sticks with picks on teh end, or with the assistance of a designated pusher.  

This event is open to women and girls of all abilities, including able-bodied friends and family members, or anyone interested in the game of sled hockey.

Coaching and equipment will be provided.  The event will include small group drills, games, scrimmages and individual coaching.

$0.00  Per session

Allied Veteran's Skating Rink
65 Elm Street
Everett, MA

Sunday, October 9, 2022

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