Introductory Mountain Biking --  CAPE COD
Marstons Mills

This introduction to mountain biking will take place in the woods and on the relatively flat fire roads of Cape Cod. Our new fleet of recumbent mountain bikes, both arm and leg-powered, will allow people of many different abilities to ride off-road. Research shows that getting away from the noise and havoc of daily life by finding reprieve in the tranquility of nature makes people happier, less stressed and more energetic. On Cape Cod we are very fortunate to have so many opportunities for off road riding, there is nothing like riding down a trail, no noise from cars, just an occasional fellow biker or dog walker along the trail.

$20.00  Per session

Barnstable Conservation Lands
Parking at 73 Crooked Cartway off Race Lane
Marstons Mills, MA

Saturday, October 22, 2022

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