Growing Microgreens+ At Home --  VIRTUAL

No Green Thumb needed! This 6-week course seeks to use the power of plant therapy to improve participants' quality of life through education and firsthand experience growing edible plants from seed.

Step-by-step, Mark and Brendan will take you through the process of growing your own healthy, nutritious microgreens. Microgreens are fast growing, take up little space, and are packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients and are upto 40x more nutritious than in the mature size.

During the weekly sessions, SASC staff will educate and empower participants through growing 3 types of greens – quick growing microgreens (10-days), slower growing microgreens (21 days) and a leafy green or vegetable of individual choice. At harvest, microgreens and herbs can be used as needed - cut right from the tray and enjoyed at its peak freshness!

Week by Week outline of the Course

  • Week 1 –Introductions of participants, staff, materials and next 6 weeks.
  • Week 2 – Start Growing 3 types of microgreens
      #1.Quick growing micros (examples: sunflowers, peas, microgreen mix etc)
      #2.slower growing micros (examples: basil, parsley, leek, other herbs)
      #3.Plant of choice (Vegetable, Herb, Flower)
  • Week 3 – Monitor/Care & prep for Harvest (grow #1). Recipes and Uses Discussion
  • Week 4 –Monitor and Care for grow(s) #2, #3. Nutrition Discussion
  • Week 5 – Harvest Grow #2. Monitor and Care for grow #3
  • Week 6 – Step up grow #3. Continue Monitor and Care

Participants are responsible for providing growing trays.

Below are two options suggested by the Course Instructors with links to order directly from Amazon.
- Grow Trays Only: Kit of 5 grow trays (no stand) – On amazon for $15.99
Grow Trays with 4-Tier Stand: Same grow trays with Optional stand – On Amazon for $25.99

Growing equipment and seeds for the 2 microgreens will be provided prior to the second class.

A link to the Zoom session will be provided prior to the start of each class.


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Zoom, MA

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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