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SASC Screening Questions
(May 29, 2020)

A. Have you tested +ve for Covid-19?

When? Date?
Needs to be at least 10 days since first +ve test- if not DEFER
Needs to be at least 3 days of being asymptomatic

B. Have you recently (say in the last month) had symptoms of:

Shortness of Breath
Running Nose
Muscle Aches
Sore Throat
G I Symptoms
Loss of Smell/Taste

IF Yes Date? (Ok to schedule - 14 days after symptom onset)
When did you last have any symptoms of the above?
(Need at least 3 days symptom free!- if not DEFER)

C. Do you know if you have been exposed to anyone who tested +ve for COVID 19?

Exposure= 10 mins < 6 feet

Were You wearing a mask at the time?
Were They wearing a mask at the time? If YES to both- SCHEDULE
IF NO - Have been asymptomatic for 14 day? - if YES SCHEDULE- IF NO- DEFER

D. Have you travelled Internationally recently? When?
(Need at least 14-day clearance. If Not- DEFER)