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SASC Infection Control Safety Goals

- All staff and participants will be screened for symptoms
- No one with Covid-19 related symptoms will be permitted on premises
- Social Distancing will be adhered to at all possible times through limited group sizing, well-marked signage and physical demarcation space.
- Masks will be provided and required to be worn
- Minimize contact and sharing of equipment
- Frequent sanitization of equipment and hands – before, during, and after use
- Abide by Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and State regulations as well as recommendations from sport-specific organizations

How has SASC developed their Covid-19 Safety Response

Your health, and the health of our staff, is of utmost importance to us. SASC’s safety policies have been developed based on the guidelines provided from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, the State of Massachusetts, the CDC and other sport-specific national organizations in order to provide the highest level of safety regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. These guidelines are changing frequently, and we will adjust them, as deemed fit. Below are some links for further information.

Mass.gov: Phase 2 Organized sport guidelines
Move United
SASC_Covid-19 Safety Response

I am in a high-risk category for COVID-19. Do you recommend your programming for me?

The state of Massachusetts and the CDC both agree that anyone in high risk categories should not participate or attend organized sport activities. According to the CDC, these categories include:

Anyone over the age of 65
Live in a nursing home or long-term care facility
History of chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma
History of serious heart condition
History of compromised immune system
History of diabetes
History of chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis
History of liver disease
Severe obesity (BMI > 40)

We encourage all our participants that fall within the above categories to participate from the safety of their homes through our virtual programming options

I have heard about symptom checking. What does this mean and how will SASC be implementing it?

1. Participants will be called within 72 hours of their in-person programming and be asked a standard list of questions related to COVID-19. If the answer to any of questions is ‘yes’ we will reschedule your upcoming session. Please see SASC Screening Criteria for further specific information.
2. Upon arrival to your SASC location, all staff and participants will be asked a standard list of questions related to COVID-19 before they enter our premises. If the answer to any of questions is ‘yes’, that individual will be asked to leave the premises. Please see SASC COVID-19 Screening Questions for further specific information.
3. At this time, Mass General Brigham and the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network do not recommend the use of temperature checks for clients upon arrival to Spaulding appointments. Temperature checks are not found to be an accurate way to determine if someone is a carrier of the Covid-19 virus.

What if I start to develop symptoms while at SASC programming?

Please advise our Staff immediately. We will assist you in determining next steps.

What if someone who has attended SASC programming tests positive for Covid-19?

Record will be kept of all participants, companions and staff that have been on site at a SASC activity. We will retain a record of names and contact information to assist contact tracing.

How will SASC implement proper social distancing during programming?

When you arrive, you will immediately notice new signage and markings on the ground. We will have well-indicated waiting areas and individual stations for set-ups. All activities will be properly spaced for the activity being performed. Lower intensity activities will require 6-foot spacing. Higher intensity activities will require 12-foot spacing.

To better facilitate space requirements, Weingarten has moved its base of operations to the empty space next to the playground directly in front of the main hospital entrance. Click the link to see a map of the 2020 Weingarten Program Location

Will COVID-19 impact the number of people attending SASC programming?

Yes. Due to both limited staffing, social distancing requirements and space available, most of our in-person programming will have limited attendance available. Many of our new activities will have a simultaneous virtual option that you can register for to attend a class from home. Please see our calendar of activities

I have been asked to wear a mask in most public places. Will I also have to do so while attending a SASC session, even while exercising?

Yes. All staff and participants attending in-person sessions will be required to wear a mask. Please arrive wearing your mask. When you check in, SASC will provide you with a mask. We ask that you use the mask provided.

Even though we are encouraging proper social distancing, the nature of SASC programming means there will be situations where it is not possible for instructors /participants to distance themselves from each other by 6ft. It is for this reason, primarily, we will be requiring you wear the single-use mask we give you.

Secondarily, because of the risk of more expiration of respiratory particles during exercise, we will be requiring you wear the single-use mask we give you. This may mean you exercise at a lesser intensity and pay attention to how you feel while exercising.

If you are concerned about cardiac and/or respiratory precaution of exercising with a mask, please discuss with your doctor and let us know before you attend.

What should I do with any personal belongings I may bring with me?

Please only bring items that are essential and a bag or container to put them in. SASC staff will not be able to ‘hold onto’ your items while participating in activities.

How will SASC make sure the equipment I am borrowing has been disinfected properly?

You will notice the abundance of disinfecting sprays and wipes we will have on hand. Each piece of equipment will be sanitized with EPA-approved products effective in eliminating the coronavirus. We have built in extra time for our staff to disinfect the equipment and frequently touched surfaces both before and after each session.

Will bathrooms be available for use during SASC programming?

This is site-specific.

- Weingarten participants will be able to use the bathrooms in the main lobby of the hospital
- McGraw participants will have use of a porta-potty. SASC Staff will be spraying down the interior 2x/day with an EPA-approved product effective in eliminating the coronavirus.
- North Shore facilities are closed at this time due to decisions made by the facilities that host us. Tennis sessions at Beverly High School or cycling in Peabody will have no bathrooms – please plan accordingly

Will I be able to wash my hands at your locations?

All sites will have multiple hand-sanitizing stations available. We will be asking all participants to be sanitizing their hands when then arrive, during participation and when they are done. Participants at Weingarten may use the facilities inside the hospital, if they would like.

Part of what I love about SASC activities is being able to socialize with others. Will I still be able to do so?

Socializing is an important part of the SASC culture. We will be offering some group activities, as well as running in-person and virtual activities concurrently so both groups can socialize. Due to restriction on group sizes, we are asking participants to only come during the timeframe of their activity, arriving no more than 15 minutes early and leaving within 15 minutes after the session ends. If you need to wait for a ride, we ask that you leave the SASC designated space.

For specific details to the SASC Response, please see our SASC Covid-19 Safety Response