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SASC_COVID-19 Safety Response FAQs

Updated June 2, 2021


- All staff and participants will be screened for symptoms
No one with Covid-19 related symptoms will be permitted on premises
- Social Distancing will be adhered to at all possible times.
- Masks will be provided and required to be worn when social distancing is not possible
- Minimize contact and sharing of equipment
- Frequent sanitization of equipment and hands – before, during, and after use
- Abide by Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and State regulations as well as recommendations from sport-specific organizations

How has SASC developed their Covid-19 Safety Response

Your health, and the health of our staff, is of utmost importance to us. SASC's safety policies have been developed based on the guidelines provided from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, the State of Massachusetts, the CDC and other sport-specific national organizations in order to provide the highest level of safety regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. These guidelines are changing frequently, and we will adjust them, as deemed fit. Below are some links for further information.

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I have heard about symptom checking. What does this mean and how will SASC be implementing it?

1. Participants will be called within 72 hours of their in-person programming and be asked a standard list of questions related to COVID-19. If the answer to any of questions is ‘yes’ we will reschedule your upcoming session.
2. Upon arrival to your SASC location, all staff and participants will be asked a standard list of questions related to COVID-19 before they enter our premises. If the answer to any of questions is ‘yes’, that individual will be asked to leave the premises. Please see SASC COVID-19 Screening Questions for further specific information.
3. Mass General Brigham and the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network do not recommend the use of temperature checks for clients upon arrival to Spaulding appointments. Temperature checks are not found to be an accurate way to determine if someone is a carrier of the Covid-19 virus.

What if I start to develop symptoms while at SASC programming?

Please advise our Staff immediately. We will assist you in determining next steps.

What if someone who has attended SASC programming tests positive for Covid-19?

Record will be kept of all participants, companions and staff that have been on site at a SASC activity. We will retain a record of names and contact information to assist contact tracing.

How will SASC implement proper social distancing during programming?

We encourage a minimum of 6' distancing at all times possible. Equipment set-up areas will be spaced out under individual 10'x10' tents.

Mask mandates have been lifted by the State. Will I also have to do so while attending a SASC session, even while exercising?

* All staff and participants will be required to wear a mask during check-ins, transfers, equipment fitting and any other time a six-foot distance cannot be maintained, regardless of vaccination status. Please arrive wearing your mask. When you check in, SASC will provide you with a mask. We ask that you remove your mask, clean your hands with hand sanitizer and then take a mask. We will require all participants use the mask provided.
* Even though we are encouraging proper social distancing, the nature of SASC programming means there will be situations where it is not possible for instructors /participants to distance themselves from each other by 6ft. It is for this reason, primarily, we will be requiring you wear the single-use mask we give you.
* As of June 7th, 2021 once an activity has started and social distancing can be maintained, masks may be removed until the time that six-foot disntancing again is difficult to maintain, such as during transfers off of equipment.

How will SASC make sure the equipment I am borrowing has been disinfected properly?

You will notice the abundance of disinfecting sprays and wipes we will have on hand. Each piece of equipment will be sanitized with EPA-approved products effective in eliminating the coronavirus. We have built in extra time for our staff to disinfect the equipment and frequently touched surfaces both before and after each session.

Will I be able to wash my hands at your locations?

All sites will have multiple hand-sanitizing stations available and the public restrooms will have hand-washing capabilities. We will be asking all participants to be sanitizing their hands when then arrive, during participation and when they are done.

For specific details to the SASC Response, please see our SASC_Covid-19 Safety Response